Name: Jeff Pitzer
Residence: Brentwood, TN
Specialties: Producing, Mixing, Writing, Remixing
Production Co: SoundVision Productions
Studio: The FloodZone


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Ladies' Man

Artists and Friends

The FloodZone Studio

What’s on my ipod

  1. Julie Meyer “Paint Your Picture”

  2. Imogen Heap “Ellipse”

  3. BT “These Hopeful Machines”

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Artist Credits:
Landon Pigg, Amy Grant, Shirley Caesar, Faith Evans, Backstreet Boys, Michael W. Smith, Keri Hilson, Space Capone, Barlow Girl, April McLean, Kirk Franklin, Natalie Grant, Oleta Adams, Tammy Trent, Lemoncholy, Leon Timbo, Desmond Pringle, Anointed, Ronnie Freeman, Kim Burrell, Hammock, Travis Cottrell, Robin Mark, Rebecca St. James, Darrell Evans, Kathy Lee Gifford, Robert Stearns, Christopher Wright, Pam Thum, Don Moen, Fortitude, Generation J,  Gladys Knight, Angela Thomas, Newsong, Mark Schultz, Drew Cline, Sherri Shepherd, Danilo Montero, Jump 5, Take 6, Chapter 6, Phillips Craig and Dean, A7, Alvin Slaughter, Scott Phillips, Point of Grace, Scott Wesley Brown, Shelley Jennings,  Puppini Sisters, Stephen Marshall, Jaime Jamgochian, Batrina Davis, Patti LaBelle, Destination 7, Difference United, Missi Hale
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